Monday, June 23, 2008

San Francisco Folk Festival

Beatbeat Whisper, originally uploaded by *Honeychild*.

I spent a few hours of each day this weekend at the SF Free Folk Festival which was oddly held at the San Francisco City College. Spilling out of classrooms, hallways, stairwells, and even the cafeteria came some great sounds and fun dance classes. I especially liked Beatbeat Whisper who are going on a northwestern tour so if you're up in Oregon/Washington areas check them out. They are a brother/sister duo (or as Ayla put it "we are...of the same parents") and they play various instruments, but for the most part it was two guitars for this show. Their songs are very dreamy, and definitely conjures up feelings of nostalgia. For what, I'm not sure. Their voices sound beautiful together. I also was lucky to catch The Johnny Starlings who were up from San Luis Obispo (their music made Mayumi and I just smile and smile), Five Dollar Suit which is a more traditional bluegrass four piece that my friend Mayumi plays in, and my friend Kenny Schick who beats on his acoustic guitar to great effect. Oh also one of Mayumi's other bands (she plays in so many I can't keep track, including my husband's band Hang Jones) played on Sunday called Devine's Jug Band who play all 20's and 30's jug band songs.

I took an Algerian dance class and sat in on a Bollywood dance class as well. And all this for free! Sometimes I love city living.

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