Sunday, August 23, 2009

New York Times!!!

I'm on the front page of the business section of the New York Times today, on a story called "On to Plan B: Starting a Business". This is all thanks to who obviously has a really great PR team. I went to one of their Unintentional Entrepreneur get-togethers where I learned a lot of very useful information, and have been using their online finance account services since then. The orders are rolling in and my mind is reeling!
The photo is by Noah Berger.


Stephen said...

Way to go, Lisa Marie! I was reading the NYT piece today and I thought... hmmm, that name sounds familiar. The fact that the story mentioned textile design was a tip off. Best of luck!

-Stephen from Spoonflower

Neil Mansilla said...

Awesome coverage. Very cool bags, and fantastic picture. Keep up with the orders and CS, and parlay! ;-)

NetsolCares said...

Hi Lisa, I am Shashi Bellamkonda with Network Solutions. I have been travelling around with our partner from, Kevin Reeth to meet with “unintentional entrepreneurs” across the country. It’s always a great validation when someone like you sees the potential in our efforts with Unintentional Entrepreneur. We are happy if we have inspired someone to become their own boss!

lisamarie said...

Stephen - thanks so much! You and the Spoonflower gang are a huge inspiration. You saw a need in the market and you went for it. I love Spoonflower and tell everyone I know with design aspirations about you!

Shashi - I saw you speak with Kevin at the San Francisco meetup, thanks for your comment I have been completely energized from this whole experience. I always thought it would be too difficult to go off and do my own thing, but always had the desire to start my own company. I have to say with companies like yours and Outright, you make it a lot easier for people to take that giant step. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Lisa. I want one of these! Love the photo. See you soon, I hope.

Lisa E.

robin bird said...

this is fabulous and amazing and wonderful for you!!

Anonymous said...

Gurl, I is so proud of you!! What's that I smell? Is it your business blooming??


Xander N' Dante said...

great product, it looks like you understand the relationship aspect of business.

best of luck.


(word verified by,"exaksess")

Christopher said...

Came in from the NYT. From Houston. Good Job!

Ramona W. said...

nice bags, Mrs. Grillos!

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