Monday, October 20, 2008

what message does this send?

I was thinking about the city I live in the other day; how we celebrate difference and variety in people, and how in so many areas of this country that same quality of difference is abhorred. I just watched a video that interviewed so many people who think Obama is a terrorist. A woman who said his name is too close to Osama. A man who said Obama spent his childhood from the age of 1 to 6 with islamic muslims. Is it illegal to be muslim? What kind of message is being sent to young children of differing faiths and colors – that they should be the same as everyone else? I certainly don't think that all McCain supporters are of this ilk, but the fact that they have brought about this kind of hatred in a country that was founded on violence and built on blood, I think that's reprehensible. We are so polarized and I don't see how we can ever reconcile as a country. With people on both sides saying they're afraid for the future of the country if the other side wins. I am not even a democrat! I just want someone who is reasonable.

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bari said...

Oh, do I ever agree with you on that. Kudos for saying so.