Thursday, August 21, 2008


Occasionally, and with greater frequency lately, we talk about where we will move when we leave San Francisco. For as much as I love the foggy days, the liberal peeps and the delicious burritos, we are not long for this land of high rents and increasingly common "me-first" attitudes. Somewhere in my mind lives the perfect place to live; it's a small town with plenty of artists and musicians, beautiful architecture, varying seasons, bicycle lanes and a small garden to call my own. Our house would not share walls with others. Our dogs would have land to roam. The water would taste delicious right out of the tap. We would know and like people in our community. Community is what we lack here in the city by the bay.

And then I wonder, does this place exist? Where do I begin to look for it? Please tell me, Google.

Oh yeah, and it would preferably be a town without cars. Let me know thanks bai.


baby legs otto said...

Zermont, Swizterland! go there! move it.

A Print A Day said...

try bisbee arizona, 5 hours west of san diego. it's quite liberal and hippie-ish, unlike the ultra conservative phoenix (where i also live). it's also home to a lot of artists and other creative types. the architecture is quaint and gorgeous. and it's a smallish town. it's also home to this wonderful retro trailer park hotel:

oh, and it's also only a hop skip and away from mexico, an hour south of tucson (the next big city to phoenix) and the rents and houses to buy are cheeeeaaap!