Tuesday, February 26, 2008

do it yourself!!!

Great article about the rapid decline in the past few decades of people's knowledge of basic mechanics and the general DIY attitude that has come back so strong of late.

Why am I so inept? I used to do projects like this all the time when I was a kid. But in high school, I was carefully diverted from shop class when the administration decided I was college-bound. I stopped working with my hands and have barely touched a tool since.

All my life my dad has always fixed things. He would open up the toaster, mom's hairdryer, the VCR, and have it working good as new. But we turned into such a throw-away culture, people just get rid of things and buy new ones. This ties in with our greater landfill problem. We are living on a pile of rubbish waiting to get rid of everything we have so we can buy the latest new gadget/toy/fashion. Doing it yourself is so much more rewarding and we are obviously coming back to this as a culture.

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Felicia said...

It is kind of sad how we've gotten away from repairing things and folks are encouraged to throw stuff away.